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Reasons Not Have a Hot GirlFriend

July 6, 2007

A friend of mine asked me whether he should look for hotter chicks. I said that there are some caveats when he decides to have one. Here’s a list I gave him, in no particular order:

  1. High maintenance cost

The hotter the chick, the higher cost to maintain her “hotness”. Just like expensive cars, hotter chicks tend to spend more on maintenance and accessories.

2. The bigger her boobs (or the more beautiful she is), the smaller her brain

    Hot chicks are not conditioned for rough environment. They usually get “special treatment” so they’re not challenged to sharpen their skill/intelligence. There are always dickheads who’ll be more than happy to help them.

        3. High ego

      Since they know their “competitive advantage”-ness, they can be emotionally irritating. They ask too much but they do less. They are picky, stubborn and selfish. Unfortunately you can’t do a thing. It’s a take it or leave her.

      4. High level of jealously

        Not her being jealous, but you. Dickheads are everywhere like hungry wolves. Off a bit and you have your girl being teased by somebody.

            5. Low level of loyalty

          Since hot chicks have better options when it comes to choosing partner, they tend to take commitment too lightly. You’ll be reluctant to hard on her because she might leave you in an instant.

          6. Can’t live life the hard way

            There are ups and downs happening throughout life. Sometimes we’re under, financially speaking. Hot chicks are not comfortable hanging out with poor guy (even though they are not rich himself!) and will find greener hill.

            7. Higher tendency to have sex

              This is you. The hotter chick you have, the more likely you want to have sex with her. It’s OK if she enjoys it, but she’ll leave you ASAP if she doesn’t because she will think you’re a maniac (you ARE, she IS hot).

              My friend decided to stick with his current girlfriend and have occasional no-commitment-relationship with hotter chicks. Wise choice.


              From : “christina julie”



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              1. December 20, 2007 2:21 pm

                I would like to see a continuation of the topic

              2. michael permalink
                February 25, 2010 4:38 am

                wow, this is way out of the ballpark. my girlfriend is hot and i have noticed with her and alot of other hot girls that the generally have a lower level of self-esteem than “just ok” girls. and the relation between boobs and brains, is just plain wrong. the last two girls i dated have had some pretty epic breasts and they are both very driven, motivated ladies. my lady now has some very nice big perky ones, and she just made top deans list. maybe this was written by some one with some self image problems of their own. i think dating hot girls is the way to go because, although they can be a bit too much to handle, its all about being a man. if you (the man) can step up and say how things need to be, no matter how hot they may be, they will listen. this sounds a bit macho but i dont mean it like that. women, hot or not, are attracted to a man that can handle himself. dont bash the hot chicks because they can get what you cant. try going to the gym, wear some high heels and do you hair. men are very visual. we cant see your personality.

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